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Community Room Reservation Form

  1. Town of Shoshoni Community Room
    104 East 2nd Street
    Shoshoni, WY 82649
    Phone: 307-876-2515
  2. Will You Be Using the Kitchen?*
  3. If using the stove top/oven, you must use the fan. If the fire suppression system is activated due to not using the fan, you will be held responsible for all bills and fees associated with resinstallation.
  4. Agreement*
  5. Pre-Inspection
    A pre-inspection of the facility will be completed when the building key is picked up.
  6. Damages will be assessed and billed to the responsible party.
    Inspection and return of key will be done within 24 hours after the event unless authorized by Town Clerk.
  7. Agreement*
  8. There is a mandatory $100 cleaning deposit for use of this facility.
  9. Agrement*
  10. Type of Deposit
  11. Please drop off or mail deposit to Shoshoni Town Hall, PO Box 267, Shoshoni, WY 92649
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