Early Beginnings
Shoshoni was founded in 1905 approximately 13 miles from the Owl Creek Mountains. Shoshoni was a stop for the railroad and the population quickly grew to approximately 2,000 people. In 1907, a devastating fire destroyed most of the town’s original structures.

In 1908, Asmus Boysen built the original Boysen dam to provide power to the area mining, town and irrigation for region. The dam operated until 1925, when it was damaged by floods and threatened the safety of the railroad. A new structure was build further up river in 1952.

Notable Births
  • Shoshoni is the home of Charles Henry King, the grandfather of President Gerald Ford.
  • Shoshoni is the birthplace of Broadway and film actress Isabel Jewell whose credits include such productions as Northwest Passage, Lost Horizon, and Gone with the Wind.